BRICS: Too early to read the last rites?

By Vladimir Mikheev

The BRICS grouping is falling apart, according to a recent article in the Financial Times that claimed commodity giants Russia and Brazil are being outperformed by other emerging economies that are attracting better investment. Does BRICS have a future or will the changing economic climate see it sidelined by new groupings such as the so-called TICKs?

Russia was conspicuously absent on the name list of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade alliance, with the deal signed – though not yet ratified – by 12 nations in Auckland (New Zealand) on Feb. 4. Moreover, less than a week earlier the Financial Times sounded the death knell for the BRICSpredicting that the grouping will soon be replaced by a new union nicknamed TICKs, made of Taiwan, India, China and Korea (South).


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