An integrated perspective on transmutation of acute inflammation into chronic and the role of the microbiome

By George Vithoulkas
International Academy
of Classical Homeopathy,
Alonissos, Greece.

The Continuum theory and the Levels of Health theory were separately proposed to explain the myriad responses to treatment and understand the process of health and

disease in an individual. In light of accumulating evidence on the intricate relation- ship between the human immune system and microbiome, an attempt is made in this article to connect these two theories to explain the transmutation of the efficiently responding immune system (through the acute inflammatory response and high fever) to one involved in a low-grade chronic inflammatory process (resulting in chronic dis- ease). There is already enough evidence to demonstrate the role of the microbiome in all chronic inflammatory diseases. In this article, we discuss the mechanism by which subjecting a healthy person to continuous drug treatment for acute inflammatory con- ditions (at a certain time) leads to transmutation to chronic disease. Although this hy- pothesis requires further experimental evidence, it calls for a reconsideration of the manner in which we treat acute infectious diseases in the population.

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