Why Bulgaria and Romania failed in COVID mission

The two Balkan countries have the lowest vaccination rates across the bloc, and the epidemiological situation is getting out of control again. Our reporters in Sofia and Bucharest analyse the reasons behind the failure of both countries to tackle the pandemic.  – The role of unconvinced Bulgarian doctors

By Bogdan Neagu and Krassen Nikolov
Oct.26, 2021

Bulgaria ranked second in the EU in terms of COVID-19-related-deaths in the last month and last in terms of vaccination – only 21% of Bulgarians are fully vaccinated against the virus.

Experts told EURACTIV.bg that the situation is due to GPs, the reaction of institutions, and the susceptibility of Bulgarians to fake news.

A significant number of GPs have recommended that people with chronic diseases not be vaccinated, while in Western Europe, these people were vaccinated first. The famous Bulgarian infectious disease expert Atanas Mangarov has been downplaying the virus since the beginning of the pandemic and speaking out against the COVID vaccines. This has created an environment of distrust.

“We havеn’t been able to train most of the doctors who deal with vaccines. The moment for conducting a targeted campaign for medical specialists in the summer of 2020 was missed,” commented epidemiologist Hristiana Batselova.

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