Albania: Head of Miners Union to Run as Independent Candidate in Election

Jan. 21, 2021

The head of the Union of Miners of Bulqiza, Elton Debreshi, will run as an independent candidate for deputy in the Dibra region, as a representative of the miners.

The news was made public by the Miners’ Union , which expressed its support for Debreshi.

The union writes that although they have submitted the petition with 11,000 signatures  for the approval of the Miner Status one month ago,  they have not yet received any reaction:

“In this situation, without any hope for improvement from those who have worsened everything, as a Union we have made a very important decision: we will support an miner as an independent candidate for MP in the elections of April 25, 2021 in the district of Dibra . ”

The union stressed that “supporting a miner as an independent candidate for MP is the best way to put the Status issue in the spotlight and at the heart of the election campaign.”

Regarding the election of Debreshi as a candidate, the Union explains that he has shown devotion in protecting the rights of miners:

“Despite illegal dismissal, pressure and threats, Elton has not backed down at any point, but has resolutely continued to work to protect the rights of miners.”

Under the new Electoral Code, independent candidates must first submit a set of signatures, at least one percent of the electoral roll to that constituency.

Dibra region has a total of 5 seats and 73,000 voters participated in the last elections.

In the 2017 elections , in Debar the mandates were divided: two for the SP, 2 for the PD, one for the SMI and one for the PDIU.

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