Our challenges between the due attendance of Assad and submitting to Zelensky’s presence

By Marwan Emil Tobasi
former Ambassador of Palestine to Greece

Zelensky’s attendance at the Arab summit in his military field uniform and his speech at the opening session, after his arrival on a French plane to Jeddah, was at an American request, and it seemed to me that it had taken place with the response of some Arabs and with an open barter that was approved by arrangements from some in return for turning a blind eye to the American participation in Syria and an invitation President Assad and what is related to the issue of the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement and the relationship with Russia and China, especially after Biden failed at the previous Riyadh Gulf summit to pass what he wanted, in exchange for Zelensky attending the Jeddah Arab summit yesterday and the Americans’ attempt to weaken the Palestinian file at the summit in terms of decisions that do not take seriously the current Israeli risks And its crimes, specifically in Jerusalem, rise to the level of setting visions to end the colonial occupation, especially with the revival of the free people of the world with our Palestinian people, the memory and the memory of the Nakba crime that has been going on for 75 years without punishment, accountability and apology.

The participation of Zelensky, whose prestige is not higher than that of an American puppet, but also one of those who carry the Zionist and neo-Nazi intellectual background together and defend it.

This unjustified participation not only confirms what some websites previously reported on the words of the US Assistant Secretary of State, that a price must be obtained for Assad’s participation in the Arab Summit, but it also reinforces the hypocrisy of double standards and the morals of the colonial West.

The Americans will not stand idly by, especially with the ongoing international transformations to try to impede multipolarity and their failure so far to defeat Russia and blockade China, just as their plans in Syria to prevent its sovereignty over all its lands and impede its return to the Arab League as well as its reconstruction have failed, and they will not allow their vision of Israel’s status to be jeopardized And the Abraham Accords risks. Therefore, this blackmail was in the presence of Zelensky and the accompanying decision of the US Congress a few days ago regarding the extension of the validity of the Caesar Act regarding punishing Syria and the statement before it on the occasion of the anniversary of “Israel’s independence” and ignoring the existence and rights of our people in its texts in an accumulation of the positions of the United States in holding the state accountable and condemning Occupation in all forums, and even providing support for it to sustain what it seeks to create new facts on the ground that serve the Zionist vision in all of Palestine on the one hand, and to present miraculous promises to us on the other hand.

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The American puppet Zelensky, who came to power on the back of the tanks of the US-backed coup in 2014 as part of plans whose goals were known, is now evident in the proxy war the United States is waging on its soil against Russian national security, the Chinese-Russian development and expansion, and the role of the East in general in this world in the face of brutality and domination. America long ago.

Zelensky, who was invited by the head of the current session, Prince bin Salman, to present his speech at the opening session, which was interrupted at the beginning, but he presented his country as a victim of the alleged Russian occupation and its crimes and as a preacher of peace for the implementation of international law and resolutions. He did not mention the Israeli occupation nor the justice of our cause that outweighs his alleged cause. With time and tragedies, with more than seven decades and hundreds of crimes, especially since he is attending an Arab summit whose supposed concern is the Palestinian cause, so what double standards is this and what political insolence is this?

Although most of the Arab presidents, in presenting their unusually brief words, did not come to welcome Zelensky’s presence, which may reflect the divergence of opinions regarding his invitation, as it seems, they came with some signals that expressed the Arabs’ keenness to reach peace and stop the ongoing war in Ukraine within their concern. On international peace, foremost of which is the achievement of just peace in our region in accordance with ending the occupation, international resolutions and the foundations of the Arab  peace initiative.

As for Russian President Putin, in his message to the Arab summit, he called for developing the Arab-Russian relationship on the basis of mutual respect and strengthening cooperation and joint action to solve problems, and stressed that Russia is ready to help solve the Arab-Israeli conflict on the basis of international legitimacy, relevant international resolutions and the Arab peace initiative.

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The current Arab summit came at a time when international changes are accelerating and new transformations and positions are taking place regarding inter-Arab and regional Arab relations. And where  the Jewish supremacy is implied not only agaunst our people, but also against non-Jews according to their Zionist Talmudic vision.

This summit also comes after the unprecedented convening of the session to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba at the United Nations and the President Abbas  presentation of his speech to those present from the international community after the occupation representative’s incitement to boycott this event and his failure to mobilize a large number, despite the response of some Europeans who  followed up with them.

There is an importance to the joint Arab rapprochement and cooperation in the face of what is happening in our troubled world today to achieve a new international order in the face of the savage neo-liberalism that targets justice, human rights and freedoms, as well as the global Zionist movement and its tool the settlement project in Palestine in targeting our historical presence on our land and our right to self-determination.

Which requires the development of a contemporary Arab strategic vision that moves away from the American containment attempts that led our peoples towards the conditions they have reached and the continuation of feeding the settlement and occupation project. A vision associated as much as possible with agreement on its goals, plans and mechanisms in order to anticipate events instead of reactions in an attempt to answer the major headlines that caused our crises during the past decades, and to benefit from the international atmosphere, especially among the anti-unipolar peoples responsible for the disasters of the peoples.

Basic paths that must be adopted as priorities at this stage in the history of our people, who stand at the forefront of the Arab peoples and the progressive democratic forces in the world in the face of those Zionist plans that impede the transformations I mentioned in order to preserve the destructive unilateral regime in the region and its advanced position with its strategic American ally.

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These paths are summarized in the first, the path of continuing the national struggle against the colonial occupation as a national liberation movement that seeks the right of its people to self-determination and the overthrow of the settlement project and apartheid in the land of Palestine, especially after the occupation and its allies, who claimed to sponsor the peace process, brought the two-state solution to what it reached as a result. The reality of settlements, annexation, walls, and the West’s retreat in supporting the principle of this internationalist choice, according to what was assumed in terms of borders and rights over natural and water resources, as well as the status of Jerusalem as the capital, and the rights of return of refugees.

This is in addition to parallel tracks related first to strengthening the unity of our people within the framework of the Liberation Organization, ending the manifestations of the coup, as well as promoting democratic life and decent living. This is in addition to the course of diplomatic resistance action in all international forums in order not only to boycott the policies of the occupation, but also to suspend Israel’s membership in the international organization that did not, as was supposed to be carried out by UN Resolution 181, but rather the occupation, settlement expansion and the struggle for our full membership, in addition to the political track Legal before the competent international and European courts to prosecute the crimes of the Zionist gangs and Israel since before the Nakba, and the establishment of special courts for that, such as the Nuremberg courts that were set up by the Europeans themselves for Nazi crimes.

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