Normalization and the illusion of great Israel

By Marwan E. Toubassi
Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Greece

The so-called normalization of Israel’s relations with a number of Arab regimes, in the light of the continuation and expansion of the colonial occupation and the oppression of our Palestinian people, is in fact the overlap for the implementation of the “Greater Israel” plan. It is the practical implementation of the plan of the new Middle East, which the US governments have been trying to implement for twenty years, in order to satisfy the “biblical vision” of the Jews and the interests of the world Zionist movement. This movement now includes non-Jews, with the help of a stream of Evangelicals and Christian Zionists, whose number has reached 120 million worldwide and whose influence is spreading to many countries in Europe and Latin America. These are the basis of the popular right that strengthens Zionism and the policies of the occupying state. In addition, they constitute 1/3 of the US electoral base, under the protection of the white American far right.

Jewish capital plays a leading role in this world in supporting and implementing this project, the economic and monetary backbone of which is the Rothschild Foundation.

The “Greater Israel” will not be established geographically, but through gradual and accelerated control of the key centres of politics, economy and the world market in the countries governed by investment laws, which are connected to the world capitalist system and the world financial centres. . These include the centres of military industries, whose goal is to commercialize their products – the basis of a policy that creates “imaginary” enemies of the United States, as in the case of Afghanistan with bin Laden and Islamic State (ISIS) organizations. creation of American Zionist groups to serve their interests. The same is true today with the creation of alliances against Iran and other countries, which appear to the world as hostile, in order to create common benefits between Israel and the US-backed Arab non-democratic regimes in contrary to the false American claims about the creation of democratic states around the world.

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In addition, in the Israeli effort to promote the “Jewish heritage” in many Arab countries, real estate investment laws and citizenship laws in force in those countries were used as auxiliary factors. The majority of investors appear to be Jews of Arab descent returning to their homeland, when in fact they are Israeli agents pretending to be Arabs and they are the spearhead in the political plan of global Zionism. This was revived when part of the international community conspired to overturn a United Nations decision linking Zionism to racial discrimination, which also contributed to the creation of a one-pole world order after the collapse of the socialist camp, which was its second pole. world order during the Cold War.

As a result, the United States and the Zionist movement are implementing the plan, controlling the central European continent, known as American political geography “Eurasia,” to encircle Russia. They then proceeded to implement the second phase of their plan for a new wider Middle East, taking advantage of the absence of a democratic reality in the Arab states. In an attempt to change the situation through the so-called “Arab Spring”, they aimed at the new Arab nation-state after its liberation, fragmenting its structure, territorial integrity and igniting nationalist conflicts and religious sects, with the aim of destroying the Arab state and serving the sovereignty of the occupying country (Israel), so that it excels not only in the region but in the whole world. All of this facilitated the “Greater Israel” plan now being implemented to gain control of the energy resources and security of the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, to the service of the United States and the capitalist oil companies.

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And this is conditional on the possibility of resolving the national question of our Palestinian people, which, however, will not be resolved until after the end of the historical injustice experienced by our people and the implementation of inalienable national rights in our territories. with, first, the right to self-determination in accordance with international law and international decisions, which are the only way to lasting peace in which our people believe.

The Palestinian issue that arose after the Nakba crime and the implementation of the Zionist plan based on the racist Jewish vision, which with the support of Western powers (including then-Nazi Germany) created this colonial and colonial focus on serving economic and political interests and bringing religious get to the colonial plan that is being implemented today.

Israel’s normalization agreements with regimes or distant countries will bring neither peace nor stability. Instead, they reflect Israel’s lack of trust in its neighbours today as an occupier state, as well as its internal isolation as a state of racial discrimination.

The international situation created by the one-pole international system and American hegemony will not last long. Because history will not be silent since the only constant in it is change. New forces are already emerging in the world. The Palestinian people will not bow down and will continue their just struggle for justice, freedom, democracy, and peace with all the peoples of the earth.