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Israeli Airstrikes Hit Several Syrian Sites, at Least Seven Reported Killed

Observatory says five Iranians among the slain
Categories Israeli media are reporting a series of Israeli airstrikes against uncertain targets across Syria. Syrian state media reported two Syrian soldiers were killed, and the Israeli press said seven killed overall, leading the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to declare the other five to be ‘Iranians.’
Exactly what is being attacked is unclear, as Israeli press concedes that the areas where explosions are reported are not generally reported to have any “sensitive” sites to begin with. This too is leading to speculation that the sites are Iranian, since Israel tends to like to attack Iranian targets.

Israeli forces kill young Palestinian en route to his sister’s wedding

Ahmad Erekat was on his way to pick up his mother, sister and flowers when he was fatally shot, family says
ByAkram Al-Waara
23 June 2020
It was just hours before her wedding, and Eman Erekat was having the finishing touches done to her hair and makeup at a salon in Bethlehem when her mother’s phone rang.
Her mother answered, expecting to hear her son letting them know he was outside and ready to take them home. Instead, she listened as the voice on the other end relayed the devasting news: her son had been killed.
While on his way to pick up his mother and sister, Ahmad, 27, had been shot and killed by Israeli forces at the “Container” military checkpoint between Bethlehem and the Erekats’ family home in the town of Abu Dis outside of East Jerusalem.

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Syrian Air Defence Responding to Attack in Hama, State Media Report

The news comes just hours after local media reported an attack on the Syrian airspace near the town of Sweida, resulting in casualties, as confirmed by the Syrian military command.
The Syrian Air Defences responded to “hostile targets” in the airspace of Hama province, a SANA correspondent said on late Tuesday.
Several missiles launched from the air defences hit a number of enemy targets, the agency said later.
Supposed footage from the scene has been shared on social media.

MASSIVE explosions after ‘Israeli jets’ strike army bases in central Syria

23 Jun, 2020
Several military bases in central and southern Syria have been targeted by air attacks that Damascus has blamed on Israel, Syrian state media have reported. Videos on social media show massive explosions illuminating the night.
Israel targeted several locations in Salamiyah and Saburah just before 1am on Wednesday, the Syrian army said, adding that its air defenses shot down “a large number” of hostile missiles but that some struck their targets and inflicted “limited material damage.”