Venezuela, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Photography

Global U is co-organizing the following online webinars in March and April, 2021. Join us!  They include weekly webinars on Venezuela in Struggle, webinars on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and webinars on photography. In English, Spanish and Putonghua.   

(A) On Venezuela

Every Wednesday, Hong Kong 21.00-24.00; Caracas 09.00-12.00; GMT 13.00-16.00  Languages: English, Spanish, Putonghua    


Sessions #18-21  Understanding the Venezuelan Economy
(Wed, March 31, April 4, 14, 21)  

These lectures will provide a historical review of the Venezuelan economy and its crises. It will also discuss the challenges and proposals of the Bolivarian Revolution in the global setting of geopolitics and economics.  

Speaker:  Jose Felix Rivas Alvarado (former Principal Director of Central Bank of Venezuela)  

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(B)  On Traditional Chinese Medicine  

Traditional medicines are playing an important role in keeping one healthy, especially amidst the pandemic times. These webinars will introduce the audience to a better understanding of the long traditions of TCM, as well as tips on dietary and TCM therapy to prevent or treat COVID-19.  
 Speaker: Professor Albert WN Leung     B.Sc, Ph.D, RCMP 
Languages: English and Spanish    

Session #2  Dietary and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19  

Thurs March 25, 2021  HK 16:00-17:30; Caracas 04:00-05:30; GMT 08:00 -09:30     
Session #3  Similarities and differences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine  

Fri March 26, 2021   HK 21:00–22:30, Caracas 09:00-10:30; GMT 13:00–14:30  
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(C)   On Photography  

Come listen to the award-winning photographer sharing his photos of ordinary life in Hong Kong.  

Session #1  Photographing Hong Kong in the Pandemic Year  

Tue March 30, 2021   HK 21:00–22:30; Caracas 09:00-10:30; GMT 13:00–14:30   
Languages: English, Spanish, Putonghua  

Speaker: Mr Patrick Tsun Ip Chow Fellowship SYCPAA; ARPS; PSA Who’s Who in Photography; Top Ten 2014, 2015 and 2016  

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