US woos Greenland with financial aid package & first consulate in 50 years


US woos Greenland with financial aid package & first consulate in 50 years – because Russia

23 Apr, 2020
The US has gifted a $12.1 million aid package to Greenland and will build a consulate there for the first time in over 50 years – an admitted move against Russian and Chinese Arctic supremacy that has angered Denmark.
The Trump administration’s offer to buy the Danish-administered territory may have been laughed off last year, but Washington has put its money where its mouth is and offered up an economic development package to the massive island, a State Department official revealed on Thursday. The official stressed that the money was for “sustainable” economic development rather than a down payment.
There is no plan or interagency process underway involving the purchase of Greenland,” they reassured reporters.

‘We Shouldn’t Just Slam the Door’: Greenland Wavering Over US Financial Help Bid as Denmark Rages

While the US proposition to lend Greenland a helping hand hit a sore spot in Denmark and was called “unheard” of and even “reprehensible”, the reactions in Greenland were much warmer.
As long as the exact conditions of the financial help from Washington are unknown, there is no reason to reject it, Greenlandic MPs have said about US Ambassador Carla Sands’s pledge of assistance.
In her recent opinion piece in the newspaper Altinget, Sands stated a wish to “cooperate with the entire Danish Realm”, promote entrepreneurship and innovation and stimulate sustainable economic growth in the Arctic. In doing so, the US government is avowedly preparing a substantial package of financial support to promote growth in Greenland

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