US to Germany/Europe: We are the boss

U.S. Warns Sanctions Possible If Nord Stream 2 Pipe Proceeds

By William Wilkes
17 May 2018

The U.S. stepped up its opposition to the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, saying the project raises security concerns and that it could draw U.S. sanctions.

The U.S. opposes the project because it will increase Europe’s reliance on Russia for gas supplies. It’s also worried the pipeline could open ways for Russia to install undersea surveillance equipment in the Baltic Sea, said Sandra Oudkirk, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy diplomacy.

The U.S. issued the warning just as European Union policy makers said they’re ready to erect bulwarks to shield companies from U.S. sanctions directed at Iran. Europe’s mood is shifting from shock at Trump’s “America First” agenda to a resolve to close ranks and assert its own position. U.S. threats to Nord Stream 2, which has split eastern and western EU states, could impact companies in Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands.