Ukraine – Neocons in Action

Documentary: “Ukraine – The Masks of the revolution” by Paul Moreira

Documentary Project “Ukraine: The masks of the revolution” broadcast on the French TV channel Canal +. Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked to take the broadcast of the film in France of the air. But what is in there that the Ukrainian authorities are so afraid of? Maybe the truth? Until now Europe does not know all of what actually happened and continues to happen in Kiev and across the country as a whole. Instead of this movie representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in France have offered TV people to show on TV their version of events which is a hastily assembled fragments of formulaic propaganda, which most of Ukrainian TV channels are stuffed by. Premiere of documentary film directed by Paul Moreira, was held February 1, 2016. The plot tells the story of the tragic events that took place in Odessa: the fire in the House of Trade Unions and the burning of about 40 people (according to official figures) and 300 (unofficial sources). Director, talking about the shooting of the film said that his aim was to show the world the bloody history of Ukraine and Odessa in particular: “In the heart of Europe, people are burned alive and everyone is silent about that.”