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The impasse of dependent Europe and the key to its rebirth

By Thersitis ( The survival and rebirth of Europe goes through the defeat of the West. The exit from the decline, the renaissance, and even the...

Curfew for Anniversary of Odessa Massacre That Sparked Rebellion

Odessa has imposed a two-day curfew on the anniversary of the burning alive of anti-Maidan protestors on May 2, 2014, reports Joe Lauria. By...

Ukraine: Le massacre d’ Odessa et les Nazis au Kiev

Le Massacre d’Odessa porte en lui les germes de la guerre en Ukraine Le 2 mai 2014, deux mois après le coup de force de l’euromaïdan,...

Remember Odessa

May 1, 2021

Ukraine – Neocons in Action

Documentary Project "Ukraine: The masks of the revolution" broadcast on the French TV channel Canal +. Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked to take the broadcast of the film in France of the air. But what is in there that the Ukrainian authorities are so afraid of? Maybe the truth? Until now Europe does not know all of what actually happened and continues to happen in Kiev and across the country as a whole. Instead of this movie representatives of