The impasse of dependent Europe and the key to its rebirth

By Thersitis

  1. The survival and rebirth of Europe goes through the defeat of the West.

The exit from the decline, the renaissance, and even the survival of the European societies, requires, as a historical necessity, the liberation from the dependence on Washington. The need to stop Europe and its institutions from being a tool of the aggression of the Collective West and NATO.

The defeat of the West in the ongoing global conflict, prepared years ago by the US “deep state”, started and escalated by the “War Party” that dominates the political formations in these countries, is the only way.

And if this presupposes the military victory of Russia on the battlefield and the de-NATOization/de-NAZization/de-Maydanization of Ukraine, this must be supported as a goal, without asterisks or conditions, by every person or force that wants to be called progressive and humanistic.

  1. The ruling elites of Europe as puppets of Washington.

A view like the above is a minority among the peoples of Europe today.

For reasons related to the economic and social developments in Western Europe after the 2nd World War and also the defeat after 1990 of the “Soviet bloc” in the Cold War (which was something like the 3rd World War), the dominant political elites now act like Washington puppets:

– The dependence of their economies on the USA and consequently the accumulation of wealth for the bourgeoisie of each country mainly through this dependence, was set up after the war with the “Marshall Plan”. He then continued with the monopoly of the Dollar and the connection of the national currencies and then the Euro with it, the control by the Financial System of the USA and in essence the “economic possession” by creditors (funds), American Banks and tools of Washington such as the IMF and the World Bank.

– The complete political control of the countries of Western Europe after 1945 was imposed either by open military interventions and dictatorships (Greece, Spain, Portugal), or by dark mechanisms and terrorism controlled by the CIA and NATO (Gladio plan, Italy, etc.) either through the model of “two-partyism” (i.e. conservatives – social democrats) in the context of bourgeois parliamentarism (Britain, Germany, France, Scandinavia initially but also in the rest of the countries later).

– The mutation or integration or marginalization of Left parties and movements (Eurocommunism, dissolution of the CC, transformation of the Greens into branches of the State Department, etc.) and the complete control, with few exceptions, of the Social Democratic parties by the ruling classes, up to and including the emergence of “USA conscripts” in their leadership (Blair/British Labor party, Brandt or Scholtz in the SPD etc), did not leave much room for the development of serious questioning movements, which simply blew up without political leadership or political perspective (May ’68, Greece 1974, “yellow vests” recently etc.)

– In a few countries (France, Germany, Italy) at some historical stage, what we call a “national bourgeoisie” developed with its own independent interests and ambitions. This gave rise to the political superstructure of leaders such as De Gaulle, Mitterrand and Chirac in France, Schmidt, Kohl, Schroeder, Merkel in Germany, Berlusconi, etc., but they never seriously chose as a strategy the liberation from dependence on the USA beyond negotiating a better position in the distribution of wealth. In the rest of the countries the local bourgeoisie functioned without national characteristics, simply as an “agent” of the foreigners.

– After 1990, however, the imposition of a “globalization” on the measures of Washington and Financial Capital, the complete technological dependence of Europeans on American monopolies in the evolving 3rd Industrial (digital) revolution, the threat of continuous or repeated Lehman Brothers type crises – 2008 , the pressure to enlist in American campaigns in the Middle East and North Africa with the promise of “neo-colonial exchanges”, obliterated any self-reliance tendencies of European capital and sidelined the political representatives of such tendencies in favor of today’s puppets.

  1. “Soft Power” and Control by the US Deep State.

The policy of manipulating and controlling public opinion and political developments by Washington mechanisms and networks proved to be particularly effective.

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After the implementation of the “soft power” strategy, which evolved, mobilizing huge sources of financing, the experience of Western propaganda in the Cold War, almost nothing in Europe is “spontaneous” or “democratic choice”:

  • – In the age of social media and trolls, of dictated “journalism”, of banning any different point of view or criticism, of the cultural imperialist monopoly of American content studios, of cultivating mass hysterical phobia or even hatred for everything that differs from whether the Western model, such as Russia, or China, or Islam, etc., European societies literally live in “virtual reality” conditions
  • – The defining characteristic of “soft power” is that it appears to be non-coercive. The “weapons” of soft power include culture, political values ​​and foreign policies. So-called “soft power” involves shaping the preferences of others through attraction and opinion-shaping (find in the link a definition and the development of the concept “soft power” from the ex dean of JFK School of Government in Harvard, Joseph S. Nye, who first introduced it in ‘90s :
  • – And of course, as “operators” of these “weapons” young politicians, young intellectuals, young academics and analysts free from “old” mindsets or “anchorages” must be trained. Some in the West know – and from “first hand” – how this machine works for identifying and selecting capable young people in universities or in political organizations or in businesses and media, who will then be “flattered” by…awarding “scholarships” from various “institutions” and “programs” (Fulbright, “Young political leaders”, Soros foundations, etc.) to spend some years or months in… universities/incubators of the secret services, on the other side of the Atlantic (Fletcher, Stanford, Harvard School of Government and others not so advertised). In each country, with the coordination of local American embassies and “educational missions”, dozens of scouters, talent spotters and recruiters work exclusively for this.
  • – Then, with the support of money for promotion and public relations, communicators, image makers, etc., they are promoted with all kinds of lobbying and intrigues and take on critical political or social roles in their countries, even the leadership of their country. This operation is old, from the Cold War years, to become more organized and massive after 1990 until today, when it was necessary to recruit, train and infuse new local political personnel from the “winners” in the countries of the former Soviet bloc , starting with Russia. A tactic that is however used everywhere as happened with the “catwalk” of candidates for the British Prime Ministership, or even for party leaderships in Europe as recently in the Greek SYRIZA with the promotion of an American (!) citizen who appeared out of nowhere to become “leader” in 20 days through a deluge of media exposure. Or do you think that in countries like Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Moldova and others, “young women” suddenly found themselves in power out of nowhere, by coincidence, to carry out critical missions such as joining NATO? It probably has something to do with the assessment of Condoleeza Rice, the former head of the State Department who has now taken over the coordination of this sector, that “women, and especially young and attractive ones, are more persuasive, more effective and more loyal”!
  • – The Soft Power strategy is supplemented with other “recipes of power” when needed, such as the “color revolutions” of the Maidan type or those attempted or being prepared in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and elsewhere. Even in Russia itself… It will always be preceded by the preparation, underground and behind the scenes, of that “army” that, with the support of local powerful economic agents and the media, will take to the streets, with fanaticism and even with weapons if necessary. The financing, organization, equipment and use of neo-fascist, racist or ultra-nationalist organizations is a tool that is often used.
  1. Catalyst for huge changes the victory of Russia – Key is the liberation of Odessa.

It is not so easy to change the existing balances and correlations in Europe, nor is it going to happen spontaneously.

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With the substantial annihilation of the influence of the Left in most European countries, the degeneration of forces that wanted to be considered “left” in the past and their removal from serving the interests of workers, the abandonment of any internationalist or anti-imperialist approach in the name of colorful and lifestyle movements, there are NO serious resistance forces or alternative policies on the European political scene today.

On the other hand, in a global conflict, which is now taking place not only on war fronts but at every angle and level (political, economic, social, ideological) between:

– the bankrupt, impasse and therefore aggressive Capitalism of the West

– and on the other side the still productive and developing Capitalism (what the Marxists call the “phase of primary accumulation”) which schematically gathers in the BRICS in alliance with the countries suffering from the “neocolonial globalization” and we are used to refer to as the “global south” or “third world” in the past,

unfortunately the second side considers the organized development of its own “soft power” an unnecessary luxury or insufficient.

Especially in Europe, where the consequences of the militant enlistment with Washington had devastating consequences on its productive forces and most importantly, led to a rapid deterioration of the daily life of the workers and the popular strata, it is becoming clear that it is fast approaching now, the total devastation from the next inevitable Great Debt Crisis which will turn into a huge financial “tsunami” and sweep everything away!

In Europe today, despite the ideological dominance and hegemony of American soft power, in practice there are NO strong power systems and solid unshakable governments. On the other hand, blind discontent and rage without a political counterpoint are swelling.

The defeat of NATO, and the victory of Russia, can become the catalyst for terrifying realignments that will cause a new historic wave of social and political changes:


  • If the failure of the “counter-offensive” of the Ukrainians and NATO alone caused such an election result in Slovakia as well as tremors and processes in a number of other countries, imagine WHAT an earthquake, WHAT tectonic changes, WHAT hopes the full de-NATOization, de-NAZization, de-Maidanization of Ukraine and the liberation of its eastern and southern regions and especially of Odessa.
  • Odessa is the “key” for such changes in Europe, not only because it will automatically lead to the integration of Transnistria and probably to the mutation of Moldova, but mainly because it will lead to the land connection of Russia-Hungary-Slovakia-Serbia causing a “liberation” of the people and the leaders in these countries form the

blackmailing  threats by the West. In parallel it will cause huge and immediate dilemmas of change in other countries as well, such as Bosnia/Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and even Austria and Greece.

  • Such a development combined with the presence of a NEW Ukraine, will make visible and realistic the alternative perspective of a Europe free from Washington’s dependence, free from the hysterically pro-NATO bureaucracy of Brussels, a Europe of Peace and cooperation with Eurasia for fairer development in a multipolar world, a Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

In the midst of these rearrangements and political conflicts, with the defeat of the West as a catalyst and against the background of the inevitable huge new economic crisis, it is a historical necessity and the emergence, formation, empowerment and political hegemony of the NEW Left of the 21st century and the 4th – and now 5th – Industrial Revolution.

It is a historical necessity, because if the new fails to be born and mature in the direction of the Change of society, I am very afraid that in its place the black cloud of the Far Right will cover the sky of Europe and despite the possible defeat of NATO, the collective West will win the conflict after all.

Nature abhors gaps!

  1. The collapse of the West is inevitable – Their system is at a complete impasse.

So as not to get confused with… “Injections”, “breathers”, “central interest rates” and various “pirouettes” that the mechanisms of the capitalist world devise so that the so-called “markets” do not panic – that is, the capitalists themselves and their managers – and the unimaginable “bubble” they have set up bursts in their faces, let’s see how simple things really are:

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1.The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – which they don’t advertise much – is the Bank of all Central Banks :

Based in Basel, Switzerland, it aims to help central bankers and governments manage the … bubble.

  1. So, they have a database with data and statistics, which if you dig into it is a “treasure” in terms of what’s going on:

Debt securities statistics – overview | BIS Data Portal

  1. There, based on the most recent data provided by the Central Banks – and more often cooked for the better – one sees:

310 Trillions global public and private debt

290 Trillions  debt derivatives traded on the Stock Exchanges

660 Trillions  derivatives that are not traded anywhere (the so-called Over The Counter/OTC) that simply trade them as “values” and trade them among themselves.

100 Trillions value of stocks on the Stock Exchanges (overvalued debt in papers that …promise future returns to holders)

Total: 1.360 Trillions

It’s official!

– And we don’t count Insurance coverage, provisions for wages, compensations and pensions etc etc etc

Not to enumerate: The World GDP, i.e. what the planet and its 8 billion people produce each year, in raw materials, processing, services is approx. 100 Trillions (in 2022 it was 94 Trillions)

Hey, this debt, the 1,360 Trillions bubble needs 14 times the world GDP to pay off!

In other words, EVERYTHING that is produced for 14 years should ALL go to repaying the debt and for 14 years the expenses, the food of 8 billion people, their life, their needs etc etc should be ZERO!

Simple math …

These things don’t happen – and they want to hide that!

Even in the complete impasse of their system, the supreme law is one:

-The maximum profit, the accumulation of wealth, the concentration and concentration of capital!

So their ONLY interest, no matter how much we hear about either…sacrifices or…hopes, is:

  1. How will they delay and recycle the bubble without bursting,
  2. Each time, who will be the “smudge” – some will lose so that the rest will win,
  • How will they increase the “profit margin” every time – what will they steal more than those who produce surplus value,
  • How they will use every “crisis” to rob, with inflation, taxes, contributions, confiscations, etc., possible accumulated income (from deposits, pocket money, chests and mattresses to houses and real estate)
  • How will they do all this by imposing silence or acceptance. With fear or ridicule, with suppression or disinformation, with violence or all kinds of “spiritual” and real drugs…

AND MAINLY: How they will get their hands on the sources of the planet’s wealth, by good or by force, with neo-colonialism/imperialism or even war.



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