Turkish newspaper: Hagia Sophia will not make it to 2050

May 20, 2022

The tragic situation in which the monument symbol of Hellenism has fallen, Hagia Sophia, was recorded in an article in the newspaper Cumhuriyet.

“Hagia Sophia will not make it to 2050” was the newspaper’s ominous prediction for the World Heritage Site, which sent its journalists there, who watched the situation, saw dozens of visitors flock to it, and reported that in “Bayram” a few weeks ago, more than 100 thousand visitors entered Hagia Sophia in one day.

As pointed out in the article of Cumhuriyet, even the moisture from the breaths of the crowd of people entering Hagia Sophia, suffice to destroy the monument, which for 1,500 years stands in the same place and has suffered a lot of damage in recent years mainly the last two that turned into a mosque.

The newspaper “sounds the alarm”, because the correct restoration work has not been done.

There are also many visitors, who use the monument to stay overnight, to leave their suitcases and “park” in it the baby strollers, or to use the toilets.

Archaeologists and Turkish historians warn, that a ticket must be applied for the entrance to Hagia Sophia and only 20 people must enter at a time so that the monument can be preserved, otherwise, they predict in the near future its total destruction.


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