Turkey threatens Greece with a new “Migrant Invasion”. Erdogan keeps playing with fire

Intense activity on the Turkish side of Evros border

June 6, 2020

In the last few hours, tensions have escalated on the Turkish side of the Evros border.

According to Radioevros.gr, citing reliable sources, illegal immigrants were seen arriving by buses to the Turkish town of Andrianoupolis (Edirne) and Ipsala.

Border guards and police have been alerted.

The reports also note that the number of illegal immigrants seems to exceed 6,000.

The information comes amid ‘threats’ by Turkish authorities of a second wave of illegal immigration to Greece.

The news has also been reported in the Turkish media. “In Edirne, the journey of hope and the dream of Europe, has resumed with migrants trying to cross into Greece by boats across the Evros river,” IHA news agency said, broadcasting videos of migrants trying to cross the river.

In March, before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of illegal immigrants gathered at the Turkish side of the border in Evros, attempting to cross into Greece.

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