Turkey refused, then accepted and then refused humanitarian assistance from Cyprus

Turkey “kindly declined” Cyprus’ offer for help, says Foreign Ministry

Fen 10, 2023

Turkey “kindly declined” an offer by the Republic of Cyprus to assist in rescue efforts in the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Friday in a post on Twitter.

“Despite initial acceptance of our offer to assist in rescue efforts, Turkey has ‘kindly declined’ Cyprus’ offer to deploy a Search & Rescue team on the ground”, said the Foreign Ministry.

It added that Cyprus is “proud and grateful” for its Civil Protection Rescuers, who are “always ready to save lives everywhere” and noted that the assistance offer “still stands”.

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Turkey accepts humanitarian aid from Cyprus

Turkey accepted finally the Cypriot offer of assistance it had previously refused. We remind our readers that Turkey has invaded the Republic of Cyprus back in 1974, acting on behalf of the USA, NATO, CIA, Gladio and Israel in order to destroy any sovereingty of the Cypriot people on this strategically located island. It is still occupying a large part of the Cypriot territory in spite of numerous UN resolutions asking for withdrawal of all foreign military forces from the island. 

Turkey accepted an offer from Cyprus to send search and rescue teams to assist in the humanitarian operations in the country, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Demetris Demetriou said on Wednesday.

Demetriou posted on Twitter that the EU Civil Protection Mechanism informed Cyprus that its offer to send a rescue team has been accepted by Turkey.

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