Turkey accepts humanitarian aid from Cyprus

Turkey accepted finally the Cypriot offer of assistance it had previously refused. We remind our readers that Turkey has invaded the Republic of Cyprus back in 1974, acting on behalf of the USA, NATO, CIA, Gladio and Israel in order to destroy any sovereingty of the Cypriot people on this strategically located island. It is still occupying a large part of the Cypriot territory in spite of numerous UN resolutions asking for withdrawal of all foreign military forces from the island. 

Feb 8, 2023

Turkey accepted an offer from Cyprus to send search and rescue teams to assist in the humanitarian operations in the country, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Demetris Demetriou said on Wednesday.

Demetriou posted on Twitter that the EU Civil Protection Mechanism informed Cyprus that its offer to send a rescue team has been accepted by Turkey.

He explained that a mission of 20 rescuers will travel to Turkey to provide help after the devastating earthquakes which killed more than 10,000 people in Turkey and Syria.

On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Kornelios Korneliou told Sigma TV that an initial offer of help was not accepted by Turkey.

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Turkey refuses Cyprus’ offer for assistance and aid

Feb 7, 2023

Turkey has refused the offer by the Republic of Cyprus to send a rescue team to help with post-earthquake efforts, according to the Director General of the Cypriot Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kornelios S. Korneliou.

Speaking on the Sigma Mesimeri and Kati Show, Korneliou also spoke about Cypriots who are in Turkey, specifically about the case of students who are seemingly trapped in the hotel where they were staying.

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“Two Turkish Cypriots are not answering. The crisis management department continues to try and trace the fate of other Cypriots who are in Turkey but we have no other indication,” Korneliou said. “A mother contacted us whose daughter happened to be in Turkey and is in very good health.”

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The Divisions of Cyprus, by Perry Anderson

Firsta published at 24 April 2008

By Perry Anderson

Enlargement, widely regarded as the greatest single achievement of the European Union since the end of the Cold War, and occasion for more or less unqualified self-congratulation, has left one inconspicuous thorn in the palm of Brussels. The furthest east of all the EU’s new acquisitions, even if the most prosperous and democratic, has been a tribulation to its establishment, one that neither fits the uplifting narrative of the deliverance of captive nations from Communism, nor furthers the strategic aims of Union diplomacy, indeed impedes them.

Cyprus is, in truth, an anomaly in the new Europe. Not, however, for reasons Brussels cares to dwell on. This is an EU member-state a large part of which is under long-standing occupation by a foreign army. Behind tanks and artillery, a population of settlers has been planted that is relatively more numerous than the settlers on the West Bank, without a flicker of protest from the Council or Commission. From its territory are further subtracted – not leased, but held in eminent domain – military enclaves three times the size of Guantánamo, under the control of a fellow member of the EU, the United Kingdom.

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