Trump threatens Iran, Marine Le Pen defends Trump

Marine Le Pen hits out at Trump’s critics as she praises US President’s achievements

FRENCH far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Wednesday urged world leaders to stop making baseless accusations against US President Donald Trump, as she praised his administration’s accomplishments so far.

By Romina McGuinness
Jun 20, 2019

Mr Trump’s actions and motives have been unfairly scrutinised and “impugned since the start of his mandate,” Mrs Le Pen said in an interview with the French broadcaster BFMTV when asked to comment on the US leader’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Downplaying Mr Trump’s reputation on the global scene as an agitator, the French sovereignist noted the American president had never allowed a highly-charged situation to spiral out of control, citing his disputes with North Korea and Iran.

Mrs Le Pen said: “Yes of course we are worried about the increase in conflicts around the world, about the increase in tensions with Iran. But we hope that diplomacy will prevail.

“With North Korea, my first reaction was ‘oh dear, things aren’t going to go well’. But in the end things weren’t so bad.”

Mr Trump has a hot-cold-relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The two men have hurled insults at each other over Twitter more than once, but also lavished praise on one another.


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