Trump and Netanyhu. Friends and partners until the end.

Trump Ahead of Netanyahu Indictment Decision: ‘He’s Done a Great Job as PM’

Speaking at a summit with North Korea’s Kim, U.S. President Trump says ‘we have a great shot at peace’ between Israel and the Palestinians

Feb 28, 2019

U.S. President Doland Trump said on Thursday, ahead of a decision by Israel’s attorney general on whether to indict Benjamin Netanyahu of corruption, that the latter “has done a great job as prime minister.”

Speaking at a press conference in Vietnam following a second summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, Trump was asked about the upcoming indictment decision. “He’s tough, smart, strong,” the president said on Netanyahu.

The U.S. president then spoke of his plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, a plan said to be unveiled following Israel’s April 9 general election.