Neocons impose again their policy to Trump. They hope the threat of nuclear War will make China-Russia-Iran retreat.

Trump Pulls Out of North Korea Summit Meeting With Kim Jong-un

24 May, 2018

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday pulled out of a highly anticipated summit meeting with Kim Jong-un, accusing the North Koreans of bad faith and lamenting that “this missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history.”
The president made his announcement in a remarkably personal, at times mournful-sounding letter to Mr. Kim, North Korea’s leader, in which he cited the North’s “tremendous anger and open hostility” in recent public statements as the specific reason for canceling the meeting.
Mr. Trump said later that the meeting, which had been scheduled for June 12 in Singapore, could still happen, and North Korea issued a strikingly conciliatory response, saying it hoped Mr. Trump would reconsider.


Trump Yields To Bolton, Cancels Kim Summit

by Daniel McAdams
May 24, 2018

After repeated references to the “Libya scenario” for North Korea — a point not lost on Pyongyang considering that the US destroyed Libya and killed its leader — the North Korean government finally struck back verbally, calling US Vice President Mike Pence a “dummy” for again warning that North Korea could end up like Libya. That was enough for President Trump to cancel next month’s historic summit meeting. Does following the neocons make Trump look tough…or weak? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:

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