Trump Stuns With Off the Rails Cabinet Meeting, Calls Part of the Constitution ‘Phony’

Chuck Schumer responded, ‘What other parts of the Constitution does President Trump think are ‘phony’? Freedom of speech?’

U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out Monday at critics who prompted him to move next year’s Group of Seven summit from his golf club in Florida, saying “Democrats went crazy” with criticisms that he would have violated the “phony emoluments clause” of the Constitution.

“I was willing to do this for free,” Trump said during a Cabinet meeting on Monday, comparing it to his decision not to take his $400,000 presidential salary. But now, he said, “It will cost a fortune for the country.”

At one point, he lamented, “You people with this phony emoluments clause.”

He brushed aside the criticism that, even without accepting payments, hosting the summit at his Trump National Doral near Miami would have been one big promotion for his brand. “You don’t think I get enough promotion? I get more promotion than any human being that’s ever lived,” he said.

Trump’s “phony” statement sparked an immediate backlash online and in the American political establishment. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wrote, “What other parts of the Constitution does President @realDonaldTrump think are ‘phony’? Freedom of speech?”