Korea not enough! Trump threatens Venezuela and Iran!

Trump: Iran ‘Not in Compliance’ With Nuclear Deal

Less than a month ago, President Trump admitted that Iran was in compliance with the P5+1 nuclear deal. It was clear he wasn’t happy with it, and reports were that the admission came after a bitter fight with his cabinet, who warned him against falsely claiming Iran wasn’t complying.
Even though literally nothing has happened between then and now with respect to the deal itself, President Trump today declared Iran “not in compliance” in the course of his vacation at a golf course in New Jersey.
Trump didn’t offer any details on what Iran wasn’t complying with, likely because the IAEA, responsible for actually keeping track of the deal, continues to certify that Iran is in compliance. Trump was therefore uncomfortable with providing details, but as usual was quite comfortable with the threats.

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Donald Trump Open to Military Solution in Venezuela

President Donald Trump did not discard the possibility of military intervention against the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela Friday evening in a conversation with reporters.
Trump remark comes less than 24 hours after dictator Nicolás Maduro announced he had ordered his foreign ministry to reach out to Washington for “in person” talks with the president, hoping to schedule them for September, when Maduro seeks to visit New York for the United Nations General Assembly meeting. U.S. Treasury sanctions currently ban Maduro from entering the United States.
“Venezuela is a mess, it is very dangerous mess, and a very sad situation,” Trump said during remarks to reporters at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey on Friday.
“We have many options for Venezuela, I’m not ruling out military options,” he said.

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