The international press organizations are looking at Greece after the persecution of journalists

Jan 20, 2021

Greece is under the microscope of international press organizations after the unprecedented criminal prosecutions against journalists, with the prominent one being that of the publisher of Documento, Costas Vaxevanis.

After the extensive IPI report recorded in the ECPMF observatory, but also the angry post of Reporters Without Borders which spoke of “parallel” accusations, the IPI today, during the presence of Costas Vaxevanis in the investigator’s office, posted a tweet, in which he emphasizes that the oldest and largest journalistic organization in the world, closely monitors the development of the process.

The post states:

“Greece: IPI is closely following the current judicial developments concerning the investigative journalist and publisher of Documento, Costas Vaxevanis, who is facing four criminal charges related to the Novartis scandal. The charges against Vaxevanis and journalist Gianna Papadakou are very serious and point to heavy prison sentences. “The nature of these allegations, their connection to investigative journalism and the possible imprisonment of the two journalists in the European Union raise reasonable concerns about press freedom.”

As mentioned above, the time when the posting took place has its own significance, since at that time, Costas Vaxevanis was inside the interrogator’s office.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the ECPMF issued a statement yesterday regarding the prosecutions against Gianna Papadakou, with a clear reference to the case of Costas Vaxevanis, while today a report was posted on the relevant page of the Council of Europe, thus increasing the pressure of the international community to the Greek government and justice to do as they should, respecting the freedom of the press.

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