Tens of thousands protest against new French security bill

Demonstrators, including gilet jaunes activists, also protested against Covid restrictions

Jan.30, 2021

Tens of thousands of protesters turned out in dozens of French cities on Saturday to oppose a security bill they say will restrict the filming and publicising of images of police brutality.

Demonstrators also protested against the restrictions imposed to halt the spread of coronavirus and to stand up for the cultural sector, which has been especially hard-hit by the measures.

Those joining the demonstrations included activists from the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement that gripped France for more than a year before the pandemic restricted large-scale protests.

Among the protesters were young people calling for the right to hold rave parties, such as one in Brittany that attracted 2,400 people at the start of the year.

“I have two reasons for coming today – the comprehensive security law and also to support culture,” said Kim, a 24-year-old civil service intern.

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