France: Yellow Vests out in force as first anniversary nears

Nov.3, 2019

Hundreds of Yellow Vest protesters took to the Paris streets on Saturday, marking the 51st week since the weekly rallies began in November 2018.

Demonstrators departed from the Place d’Italie and marched to the Gare du Nord station, followed by large amounts of police.

Activists attempted to occupy the railway station but were dispersed by riot police.

Explaining why the protest movement had lasted so long, demonstrator Moun named the French president’s handling of the issue: ” I think that it is especially his [Macron’s] contempt, his arrogance which made him lose the most and which keeps everybody still angry and rallying.”

The Yellow Vest protests, which will hit the one-year mark on November 17, were initially sparked by a fuel rise. The movement quickly spread throughout France and evolved into a general expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo.