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Gülen – an “Islamic Soros”?

Since 2002, Gülen-affiliated foundations have quietly built up the largest charter-school network in America, with over 130 schoolsin 26 different states nationwide. This rapid buildup is troubling, however, since financial records suggest the cleric’s charter-school network has routinely funneled public-education dollars to its own members, often with unclear benefit to students.

Radicals around Erdogan call for war “against Crusaders”

The engineers of the project targeted President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for “ruining the game.” Since they know that the Turkish society's unifying, the uniting power will disappear and become open to the operation in his absence. They planned to first eliminate him and his cadres and then launch Turkey's destruction process.

Will Turkey be expelled from NATO?

Many analysts believe Turkey and NATO are on a collision course. One end of their argument hinges on the belief — apparently shared to an extent by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government — that the United States and NATO played a role in the unsuccessful coup attempt July 15.


The people who have prepared this putsch are absolutely not Kemalists. This upheaval was purely pro-American. Its core was the Gulen movement, which works for the CIA. Of course, pro-American officers and generals tried to organize a revolution. But it was supported by a minority of the army. They had no chance of success, because the majority has objected to

Russia – Turkey Rapprochment

  Dugin's guideline: the truth about the recent pro-american coup d' état in Turkey geopolitical analysis & forecast the chronology of the pro-americain coup d' état Greetings,...

The Coup in Turkey – a view from Moscow

EURASIAN BLOC IN TURKEY: ERDOĞAN AND THE KEMALISTS AGAINST GÜLEN AND THE US On July 15th, at around 23:00, the press reported a military coup...

Kerry protests Turkish allegations of US support to the coup

Luxembourg (AFP) - Secretary of State John Kerry called his Turkish opposite number Saturday to offer US support in the wake of a failed...

Turkish Minister blames USA for organizing coup

"The US is behind the coup attempt. A few journals that are published there [in the US] have been conducting activities for several months. For many months we have sent requests to the US concerning Fethullah Gulen. The US must extradite him," he sa