Wednesday, 19 September , 2018

Che Guevara

De Córdoba à Paris: Hugo Moreno. le “Dragon” (1943-2017)

C’est dans l’année qui se termine, que notre bon ami Hugo Moreno est parti. Il était un grand homme et autant, un combattant pour...

Hugo Moreno (1943-2017) | by Carlos Abel Suárez

09/07/2017 Aunque la halles pobre, Ítaca no te ha engañado. Así, sabio como te has vuelto, con tanta experiencia, entenderás ya qué significan las Itacas. Konstantino Kabaphes Ya...

600 Days: The Repatriation and Resurrection of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

by Nancy Scheper-Hughes An Interview with Dr. Jorge González, former Director of the Cuban Forensic Institute in Havana. Fifty years ago ‘Che’ Guevara was captured and...

Ernesto Che Guevara to Fidel Castro – the last letter

Fidel: At this moment I remember many things: when I met you in Maria Antonia's house, when you proposed I come along, all the tensions involved in the preparations. One day they came by and asked who should be notified in case of death, and the real possibility of it struck us all. Later we knew it was true, that in a revolution one wins or dies (if it is a real one). Many comrades fell along the way to victory.

Speaker of Turkish Parliament calls Che Guevara a “bandit”!

“In the speech delivered by Mr. Kahraman, it was recommended to our youngsters, who have internalized our own national values and who are the guarantee of our country’s bright future full of prosperity and peace, that thousands of heroes and leaders in our history could be taken example as role model and followed, not a personality who participated in Cuba’s

La Tricontinentale : qu’en reste-t-il 50 ans après ?

In the following interview Said Bouamama speaks on the importance of the "Tricontinentale" for the struggles of the Third World and not only, as...