SYRIZA: The sudden decision to privatize PPC is a crime against the Greek people

Sep 23, 2021

In a statement, SYRIZA criticized the government for the privatization of PPC, calling it a “crime against the Greek people.”

Specifically, the announcement states:

“The sudden decision of the Board of Directors of PPC to increase its share capital opens the back door to the loss of the majority of the State. The joint announcement of the Superfund and the HRDH, the main shareholders of PPC, with a percentage of 34% and 17%, leaves no room for misinterpretation. Their intention is clear. The “investigation” of the reduction of their participation, in a minority percentage in the share capital of PPC, clearly proves that the plan of the Mitsotakis government is the privatization of PPC as well.

As the energy crisis intensifies, while electricity prices are soaring and while all consumers, households and businesses are experiencing the catastrophic effects of ND’s policy on energy, Mr. Mitsotakis chooses the Greek state to lose control of another energy institution , the pillar of our energy system, at PPC. In this way, Greek society and the economy remain unprotected in the midst of a crisis. The participation of institutional investors in the share capital of PPC is a simple excuse and cover of their plan.

The plan of the ND government is and was from the beginning of its term to sell everything. Just a few days after the sale of the entire percentage of the state in the Natural Gas Network (DEPA Infrastructure) and the sale of 49% of the Electricity Distribution Network (HEDNO), finally the Mitsotakis government moves on to the next goal which is none other than PPC itself , which, until today, belongs to a majority of the Greek people.

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However, the government of Mr. Mitsotakis bears full responsibility for the crime that is taking place today, with the attempt to privatize PPC through the increase of its share capital. And we are particularly impressed that Mr. Mitsotakis hid this development from his recent speech at the TIF. What did he really try to hide? “That the government’s response to households and professionals facing the tide of accuracy is the sale of all Greek energy companies and the property of all Greeks?”

George Katsigiannis

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