Stiglitz: A cultural Genocide in Greece

Joseph Stiglitz discusses ‘value crisis’ at Davos, Greek crisis


Joseph Stiglitz is a Davos veteran. The renowned economist and winner of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize has attended dozens of World Economic Forum sessions in a number of capacities (including vice president of the World Bank and chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under the Clinton administration).

A self-proclaimed Hellenophile, he is particularly interested in Greece, having served as an adviser to George Papandreou’s government and vocally expressed his support for the “no” vote in the heated 2015 referendum.

At this year’s Davos, amid American optimism over Trump’s tax cut policy and the rise of cryptocurrencies, Stiglitz found himself swimming against the tide. He met with Kathimerini for an exclusive interview on a chilly Thursday morning, when he talked about the values crisis of this year’s WEF, gave his take on the future of globalization, and how his opinion on Greece and the SYRIZA government has evolved over the years.