More Refugees to Greece, which cannot feed its own population

Greek islands bursting at the seams

The latest spike in migrant arrivals in Greece has caught the government off guard, with critics saying it has no plan of action as the situation has become reminiscent of the crisis at the end of 2015, when thousands of people flooded into the country.

Without a concrete plan, government officials are reportedly hoping for bad weather to save the day and limit arrivals.

In the last week, 1,194 people arrived on Greece’s Aegean islands from the coast of Turkey, adding to the thousands of asylum seekers who have been trapped at camps for months and showing increasing signs of frustration, with protests and scuffles becoming all the more frequent.

“Incidents and troubles are everyday life for us. Now people are sleeping on the streets or in Sappho Square in the city center,” Lesvos Mayor Spyridon Galinos told Kathimerini.