Spain, France, Italy… the seams of the political apparatus are tearing

Translated and commented by Robert Bibeau, Publisher of the webmagazine


The bickering among the thuriferous

The seams of the political apparatus of European countries are tearing apart. The French Senate rejects Macron’s “de-escalation-deconfinement” plan. In Spain, the separatist partners of the Sánchez

government abandon it, defeating the renewal of the “state of national alert”. Let us not speak of Italy where the petty bourgeoisie radicalized to the point of questioning the leadership of Salvini in favor of Meloni, a neo-fascist supporter of the immediate opening of businesses and commerce. Blood will not reach the river, however, but these are the first signs of something important happening in big European capital.

Blood will not flow in the river because the vote of the French Senate is only a formality and because the PP, party of the Spanish system, no matter how much these politicians hate Sánchez, can do nothing else than support it even if it symbolically changes its governance program. But the signal is given (the big European capital is not satisfied with the way that his political minions organize the exit from the crisisThe “sacred antiviral union” is finding it increasingly difficult to contain its centrifugal forces, even within government alliances ( each faction believes the time has come to make a coup to improve its positioning on the political chessboard and whatever the fate reserved for the plebs by the coronavirus NdE).

It is not that the emergence of workers’ struggles, revitalized in Italy this week, leads the petty bourgeoisie to revolt. On the contrary, the petty bourgeoisie is radicalizing in an opposite and openly reactionary sense: it wants an even faster “de-escalation”. “Business suffers, the world flows“, that is his leitmotif. (While the motto of the revolutionary proletariat is: “the common people, the poor and the workers suffer from this deadly and totalitarian confinement … quickly de-escalation!Https:// NdT). 

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To the permanent belief in the magical thinking peculiar to this class: “we must reopen the economy as soon as possible, let’s open it, it won’t be so serious” – we must add the weight of the idealistic bourgeois ideology. While the state bureaucracy rocked overnight: “Keynesian ” and centralizing,

nourishing an appetite proportionate to the needs of national capital, the petty bourgeoisie, faced with insecurity, resumed its traditional positions. (Positions which consist in encouraging the apathy of the proletariat in return for the benefits of the welfare state. NdE). 

This is evident among regional nationalists. But in the case of ultra-nationalism represented by Vox in Spain, things are close at hand on the edge of Madrid he thinks! They are so attached to the moralizing “neoliberal” superstition, widely used by Rajoy during the last great recession, that in the middle of a European battle, they took sides against the Spanish state and supported the Dutch position. Neither the messages of Ana Patricia Botín  nor many other figures of the Spanish bourgeoisie made them deviate an iota. 

The EU divide is exacerbated today by the decision of the German Constitutional Court to declare the massive purchasing policies (bonds and rotten debts. NdT) of the European Central Bank ‘partly unconstitutional, “is a threat which risks shattering the Union. (Threat that upsets big European capital more than the supply of masks and soap from which the populace is distracted. This financial conflict not only implies an escalation of the economic and political confrontation against the German camp within the EU, but it also spurs a new episode of the petty-bourgeois revolt against the state. 

There is no good news for workers. The abandonment of the support of state capitalism for the countries “left behind”, like Italy, Spain, Ireland, Portugal or Greece, but also Poland and the Czech Republic, constitutes a devaluation monetary, which concretely means an attack in order against the purchasing power of employees still moderate at the moment by low oil prices. But in the context of the euro, a strongly deflationary euro and with German capital spreading its tentacles across the Union, currency devaluation will not be tolerated by the German camp. The “exit” as in 2009 on which each national bourgeoisie will have to bet will be a race for the “devaluation of wages” ( first measure to impose a war economy that the political minions will justify by the “war on Covid-19” (sic).  NdT). 

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Spanish employers do not hide it and ask the government for tools and flexibility to participate in the attack on the living and working conditions of the proletariat (the same is true in all countries of the world. Unity is perfect between the factions of world capital in its war against the international proletariat NdE). 

On the other hand, the political revolt of the petty bourgeoisie will not take place even if the workers’ strikes are radicalized. These class struggles do not converge among themselves. The impoverished petty bourgeoisie is radicalizing in its destructive reactionary aims. It is enough to see the transformation of the political landscape during confinement to understand where the agenda of the merchant petty bourgeoisie, business and services, in all its brutality goes: wild increase in the prices of basic foodstuffs, fall in wages and degradation working conditions bordering on slavery (all wrapped up in chauvinistic national verbiage advocating local purchase in the name of the endangered country.

Yet it is the international proletariat which is endangered in particular by totalitarian and murderous confinement. NdE). 

It is more urgent and necessary than ever to affirm the needs of workers, who are universal human needs, because what is coming is a fight for our survival as humanity.(Should we wonder about the Asian origin of the Covid-19? Should we be looking for a scapegoat:  Macron, Trump, Xi Jin Ping, Merkel, Sánchez, or Trudeau? Certainly not! If it was as easy to get out of these endemic economic crises as to vote for a new “leader”, we would have known for a long time. Totalitarian confinement offers proletarians the opportunity to make their mark in the face of the fetish state adored by the petty bourgeoisie. We must stop begging from the state of the rich. It must be deconstructed and thus disarm the plutocrats, remove their assignment and abolish their function.

After this, a whole world will have to be built, not a pseudo New World Order  based on the same laws of capital … but a  New World without capital. NdT).  

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Traduction from French to English by Claudio Buttinelli. Roma