SouthSouth Forum on Alternative Theories and Practicies

Roundtable : Alternative theories and practices

Samir AMIN
Tiejun WEN (溫鐵軍), Renmin University of China; Southwest University; Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Ichiyo MUTO (武藤一羊), Asian Peace Alliance
Darwis KHUDORI, University of Le Harve, France
Wei TENG (滕威), South China Normal University, China
Kin Chi LAU (劉健芝), Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Iam Chong IP (葉蔭聰), Lingnan University, Hong Kong

On 26th July 2016, at SSFS 3, Muto Ichiyo, Darwis Khudori, Teng Wei, and Lau Kin Chi joined this session of roundtable. The roundtable was mainly about alternative theories. A pre-recorded speech by Samir Amin and Wen Tiejun was aired, followed by presentations of various speakers. This roundtable session was moderated by Ip Iam Chong.