Saudi Arabia Funded, Armed Terrorist Organizations in Syria: German Left Party

BERLIN, (ST)-German Left Party Leader Sahra Wagenknecht has strongly criticized the “miserable role” played by Saudi Arabia in Syria through funding and arming the terrorist organizations there.

“Saudi Arabia plays a miserable role in all of this. They’re not only a warring party in Syria, but have also been shown to be supplying arms to and financing terror groups,” Wagenknecht told the German Deutsche Welle news network.

Wagenknecht has repeatedly criticized German arms sales to Riyadh.

“I consider it so dishonest to say we are fighting terrorism, while at the same time cooperating with and delivering weapons to those who openly support terrorism,” she added.

She stressed that Germany must stay out of conflicts around the world, and that includes the alleged fight of the US-led coalition against the so-called “Islamic State” in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa