Saudi Arabia to build Red Sea bridge to Egypt

The bridge, which will be named after King Salman, aims to boost trade between the two countries

Cairo: Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi Friday said that a current visit to his country by Saudi King Salman Abdul Aziz heralds a “strategic partnership” between the two Arab allied countries.

“This visit lays down a solid foundation for a strategic partnership be-tween Egypt and Saudi Arabia and confronting unprecedented challenges the region,” the Egyptian leader told a joint press conference with the Saudi monarch.

“Coordination with Saudi Arabia represents a real springboard towards solving the region’s problems,” Al Sissi added at the conference, refer-ring to turbulence in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Egypt is a partner to a Saudi-led military coalition that has since March 2015 been undertaking an aerial campaign in Yemen against rebels backed by Iran that is Saudi Arabia’s regional rival.

Egypt has also joined an anti-terror Islamic coalition unveiled by Saudi Arabia late last year. However, unlike Saudi Arabia, Egypt has not called for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar as a solution to the Syrian conflict.

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