Sanders: British voted against the way world economy is working


Democratic presidential contender Sen. Bernard Sanders said Friday that the British vote to exit the European Union showed that the “global economy isn’t working for everybody.”

Mr. Sanders, who finished the primary race behind likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton but has yet to end his campaign, said that as an American he would not judge the U.K. vote, which shocked the world and rattled markets.

“What worries me very much is the breaking down of international cooperation. Europe in the 20th century, as we all know, the kind of blood that was shed there was unimaginable. You never want to see that again,” Mr. Sanders said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

Still, in the historic Brexit vote, he heard echoes of his campaign that railed against income inequality.

“On the other hand, what I think this vote is about is an indication that the global economy is not working for everybody,” he said. “You know, it’s not working in the United States for everybody, and it’s not working in the U.K. for everybody.”

“People are saying, ‘You know what, the global [economy] may be great for some people but not for me,’ ” Mr. Sanders said.