Another Victory for the Underdogs! Sanders wins the Wyoming caucus

Bernie Sanders extended his victory streak on Saturday when he won the Wyoming caucuses, his eighth victory in the last nine contests. Now all eyes are on New York Democratic Caucus on April 19.

You should follow Sanders’ historic speech after his win in Wisconsin, where amongst else:

– He focused on the need to create a social welfare system in the United States, the only big industrialized country which does not possess one

– He attacked Wall Street and corporate media

– He criticized the decision to wage war in Iraq

– He proposed a reduction of military budget and more money for education

This is a campaign of the people, for the people, by the people, said Senator Sanders, who insisted that no change can come from the top to the bottom, it has to come from the bottom to the top.

The contender stressed that: “We can win if we think big and we have a vision!”