Saturday, 19 August , 2017


The ‘flaws’ of French democracy

The deeply undemocratic character of the French electoral system has been demonstrated once again in the recent elections. Mr. Macron as voted by 18.5%...

Common Appeal for the Rescue of the Peoples of Europe

First Published at 21/10/2011 65 years after the defeat of nazism and fascism, European people are today confronting a dramatic threat, this time not military,...

The US in Sri Lanka: -when does ‘Aid’ become Espionage?

By Lasanda Kurukulasuriya* Recent media reports in Sri Lanka reveal that a $13.7 million USAID-funded program for ‘democracy and accountability’ is to be implemented by...

How to Understand the European Union

To be sure, the union was designed to establish a transnational capitalist bloc capable of competing on the world market. The euro’s adoption moved further in that direction. However, nation-states — in economic competition with one another — created this bloc to begin with. It is therefore insufficient to focus only on capital’s transnationalization; we must

Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White...

Paul Horner, the 38-year-old impresario of a Facebook fake-news empire, has made his living off viral news hoaxes for several years. He has twice convinced the Internet that he’s British graffiti artist Banksy; he also published the very viral, very fake news of a Yelp vs. “South Park” lawsuit last year.

Democracy in America

We have gone from a nation that took great pride in being a model of a representative democracy to being a model of how to persuade the citizenry to march in lockstep with a police state. In doing so, we have proven Osama Bin Laden right. He warned that “freedom and human

Jeremy Corbyn makes his move over claims the leadership contest is...

Jeremy Corbyn is investigating claims that the Labour leadership contest is being rigged against his supporters through arbitrary voting bans.The Labour leader has demanded the name of every person who has been disenfranchised, telling The Guardian:I’m surprised at the numbers of people who’ve been denied a vote and I’m surprised at the lack of reason that’s been given to people.

‘Leftist’ Alchemies and Direct Democracy (A necessary clarification)

As the saying goes, “Before it pours, it rains”. And it is true that the cause of all evil that happens in the socio-political level is the morbidity of someone, or some brains that fantasize that they are messiahs destined to ‘save society' from other bad messiahs who also use a thousand lies to deceive and exploit. So every new party of young rescuers build,

PKK on Turkey coup: No democracy in ‘fascist’ Erdogan-led government

TeleSur, July 16, 2016 In a statement published on July 16, the political affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Koma Civakên Kurdistan (Group...

An Alternative to the Euro

BREXIT has shown that the EU cannot continue to do more of the same. It is time for a fundamental change of course. If this is not achieved, it will come to uncontrolled, confrontative or even explosive ruptures. If we want to prevent this, clarifying the currency issue is urgent and unavoidable. This is a key issue for the future of the EU -although not the only one. This is the core message of the following Appeal, formulated before the BREXIT decision.