Putin says relations with Biden “working and stable”

Putin says relations with Biden “working and stable”

By MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that the Kremlin has “constructive” relations with Washington and voiced hope that mutual interests would eventually help normalize U.S.-Russia ties.
Putin, speaking during a panel discussion at an international energy conference in Moscow, also said that Russia stands ready to boost natural gas supplies to help assuage nervous energy markets in Europe, insisting that his country wants prices to remain stable.
He rejected the allegations from some European experts and politicians that Russia has been holding up gas deliveries and causing energy prices to spike. The Russian leader also rebuffed criticism of an ongoing domestic crackdown on dissent and independent media.
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Strained relations between US & Russia could soon be on mend, Moscow says, despite key meeting with Biden’s envoy breaking down

14 Oct, 2021
There are hopes that strained relations between Washington and Moscow could soon take a turn for the better after Russian diplomats said progress had been made in negotiations with American President Joe Biden’s envoy this week.
On Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the US had “taken stock” of a number of outstanding issues between Russia and the US, and that there was now an understanding of the stickiest issues hindering the countries’ bilateral relations.
“Of course, no one expected that some enchanting event would happen,” she said. According to Zakharova, Victoria Nuland, the US undersecretary of state for political affairs, “has no authority to resolve all the outstanding obstacles at once.”
“At the same time, we took stock of problematic issues that need to be solved before we can move forward even in principle,”
she told the Zvezda news channel.
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