Periklis Korovesis (1941 – 2020)

Greek writer and militant of the left Periklis Korovesis has died.

Born in Argostoli, Kefalonia, in 1941, he studied theatre with Dimitris Rontiris and Semiotics with Roland Barthes. He also attended some classes of Pierre Vidal-Naquet in Paris.

From an early age, Korovesis participated actively in the democratic movement. During the military junta (1967–1974) imposed by the US in Greece he was arrested, imprisoned, tortured and exiled. He had escaped Greece with the help of the Michel Pablo’ s network and he was one of the main  accusers of the junta in the Council of Europe, leading to the expulsion of the Greek military government.

His first book, The Method: A Personal Account of the Tortures in Greece (Anthropofylakes in Greek), translated and published in many languages, is a personal account of the tortures that he experienced at the Security Police headquarters in Bouboulinas Street, Athens at the time of the Colonels’ military junta. Korovesis’ story was one of the most significant testimony for the Amnesty International and the Council of Europe in order to file charges against the regime of the colonels for the appalling treatment of political prisoners.

Korovesis who has been a Member of Parliament with SYRIZA has criticized strongly the betrayal of Tsipras and Syriza in 2015.


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