No to the war in Gaza, no to the war in Ukraine, no the social war

European Liaison Committee Against War – Against Social War

No to the war in Gaza – No to the war in Ukraine – Stop the spiral of violence!

For peace – ceasefire immediately

“There are more and more conflicts in our world… that are escalating dangerously” (…) “The spiral of violence must not be allowed to continue! (…) The weapons must finally fall silent!” (Sahra Wagenknecht) As in all wars, the working population and young people are the victims. They are sent to the fronts as cannon fodder, civilians die under the hail of bombs, millions are driven to flee, their cities and homes, their living conditions are destroyed. The majority of the German population rejects the Scholz government’s war policy. They say no to the war in Ukraine – in favour of an immediate ceasefire!

Scholz government: more weapons – more bombs – more war

Thousands and thousands demonstrate every weekend in many German cities – 50,000 in Berlin on 4 November; 40,000 in Düsseldorf – for an end to the genocide in Gaza; for a stop to the bombing; for the blockade to be lifted!

Scholz rejects a ceasefire in Gaza! The Scholz government, Europe’s largest arms supplier to Israel, unconditionally supports Netanyahu’s war campaign against the Palestinian people and pledges military support. By the beginning of November 2023, arms exports to Israel had increased almost tenfold compared to 2022. 1,000 Bundeswehr soldiers will be deployed to the Middle East in order to increase the country’s own ability to respond in the region, according to the Ministry of Defence.

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In the shadow of the massacres in Palestine, the war in Ukraine continues. Hundreds of Ukrainians and Russians die every day and hundreds more are injured.

The Scholz government decides to increase military aid for the Zelensky government to 8 billion euros. Military spending is to rise to a record 85.5 billion in 2024. Germany must become “fit for war”, “we must be fit for defence.”

“Armament and war are incompatible with the welfare state”

A resistance force begins to emerge as a counterforce to the government

“The working population should pay a high price for the billion-euro rearmament programmes of the warmongering Scholz government” – numerous trade unionists have joined the initiative: “No to war – No to social war against the welfare state!”

Trade union bodies support the demonstration on 25 November.

In the collective bargaining battles, colleagues are demanding and striking with their unions for inflation-proof collective agreements and defence of the real wage. They are not prepared to pay for the government’s policy of war and sanctions with wage losses and social decline.

“These wars are not our wars!”

Activists from movements such as “Heizung, Brot und Frieden”, “Was tun”, “aufstehen” and Sahra Wagenknecht, who are seeking to organise independently against the Scholz government, are mobilising with their own calls for the rally on 25 November.

International greetings for 25.11.

Our goal:

“To unite and strengthen the struggles against war – against social war
unite and strengthen the struggles in each of our countries”

The European Liaison Committee against War against Social War, which resistance forces from 16 European countries constituted on 30 September, has welcomed the major rally on 25 November – on the occasion of the planned adoption of the war budget by Parliament. Protest rallies are being planned in several European countries where governments will also be voting on war budgets for 2024 during this period.

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So far we have received addresses of solidarity from

–          Serbia

–          Spain

–          Austria and

–          Austria France

–          Norway

–          Ireland

–          Greece

–          Denmark

Another one has been announced from Belgium.

Events will take place in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Spain (Bilbao, Valencia and Barcelona), France, Norway, Ireland, Belgium

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