‘No Restrictions’: NATO to Take More Aggressive Stance Against Russia

By Jack Dutton

NATO has “no restrictions” when it comes to deploying its forces in eastern Europe to respond to Russian aggression, the U.S.-led military alliance’s deputy secretary general, Mircea Geoană, said Sunday.

Geoană, who was also a former president of Romania, made the comments in an interview with the AFP news agency published during a trip where he met with lawmakers from members of the alliance in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Sunday and Monday.

They were attending the Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Russia and NATO agreed on the 1997 Founding Act to work to prevent a build-up of armed forces in agreed regions of Europe, including eastern and central Europe.

But Geoană told AFP that Russia had decided to violate the agreement by invading Ukraine and not have regular dialogue with the alliance.

“They [Russia] took decisions, they made obligations there not to aggress neighbours, which they are doing, and to have regular consultations with NATO, which they don’t,” he said.

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