Netherlands Claims Russian Fighter Jets Created Dangerous Situation for Dutch Ship in Black Sea

by Tim Korso
Jun 29, 2021

The incident apparently happened the day after a Russian warship and fighter jet were forced to fire warning shots in order to drive the Royal Navy’s HMS Defender from Russia’s territorial waters near the Crimean Peninsula after the British vessel ignored calls to leave.

The Netherlands’ Ministry of Defence has accused Russian fighter jets of harassing the Dutch frigate Evertsen as it sailed through the Black Sea on 24 June. The ministry said that the actions of the jets contradicted “the right to free use of the sea”.

The Ministry of Defence claimed that Russian fighter jets had carried out mock attacks on the warship and jammed its communication systems for five hours. The Dutch military further said that the jets had created a dangerous situation at sea by flying low and close to the vessel as it sailed southeast of the Crimean Peninsula.

A day before the alleged incident with the Evertsen, on 23 June, Russian ships had to fire warning shots and a Russian jet was forced to drop bombs in the path of Royal Navy destroyer the HMS Defender after the latter ignored calls to leave the waters off the Crimean Peninsula.

The UK downplayed the incident involving its warship, claiming that no shots were fired except for those by Russian forces carrying out drills nearby. London added that it was aware of the drills in advance. Additionally, Downing Street rejected Moscow’s objections to the HMS Defender’s passage through its territorial waters, pointing out that the UK does not recognise the results of the 2014 referendum where the people of Crimea utilised their right to self-determination and overwhelmingly voted in favour of re-joining Russia.

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