NATO is exercising on attacking Russia from the Northwest

Allies and Partners test 4th and 5th generation Interoperability in the Baltic Region

Jun 28 2021
On June 29 and 30, the second Ramstein Alloy exercise this year will see Allied and Partner air forces come together to conduct live-fly training in the Baltic States and international airspace over the Baltic Sea.
This iteration of the Ramstein Alloy exercise series will be hosted by Estonia, with Allies Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey  and NATO Partner Finland as well as NATO E-3A AWACS scheduled to participate in the training drills with more than 20 aircraft.
Regular training and cooperation with our regional Allies and Partners is  essential to ensure we have an effective force in place to safeguard the Baltic Region
“The team at Combined Air Operations Centre Uedem, the Host Nation Estonia and the other participating nations, have pulled together another demanding  exercise programme integrating our air surveillance control personnel with Allies and Partners in a challenging environment,” said Lieutenant General Klaus Habersetzer, Commander Combined Air Operations Centre Uedem.
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Crews of the S-400 Triumph of the Western Military District during the exercise learned to destroy air targets

Jun 30, 2021
In the Leningrad region, a tactical exercise was held with the anti-aircraft missile division of the air defence division of the Leningrad air force and air defence army of the Western Military District.
The three-day tactical exercise was held in two stages. At the first stage, the measures of the plan for bringing a group of divisions to the highest level of combat readiness were worked out, as well as measures for preparing for combat operations within the positional area. At the second stage, the issues of conducting maneuverable anti-aircraft battles by units were worked out.
During the exercise, combat crews of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system marched to a temporary training position, overcoming rough terrain in the conditions of the action of reconnaissance and sabotage groups of the mock enemy, and also carried out a set of measures to disguise special equipment.
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