Mama Mia. After the Germans, now Americans want to save Greece!


Ted Malloch the prospective US Ambassador to the EU has nothing else to do now than appearing to one TV station after another in Greece, suggesting to Greeks that they should go out of the Euro and the Troika, but simply to fall under the IMF rule.
He is right on one point. There must be a debt alleviation for Greece. What he omits to say of course is that the program which destroyed Greece was imposed to it by both the EU and the IMF, with the approval and support of the US administration. And it was this program that led the Greek sovereign debt to climb to 175% of the GDP, instead of 110% that is was in the beginning and also to an explosion of private debt.
As for the IMF, it wants to keep Greece very much inside the “reforms” path. Maybe Mrs. Lagarde thinks that by cutting even more pensions (they were reduced 13 times during the bail out program) and also money for hospitals, she will solve the fiscal problems. And she will indeed contribute in solving them, by sending more pensioners, more quickly to death.
As for Germany and the European Union, it is difficult to remember a period more ridiculous in their history