They keep lying while they argue about how to proceed with destroying Greeks: IMF, Germany and EU

IMF is arguing for restructuring the Greek debt, which it recognizes as “highly non sustainable”.
It contributed largely itself to this result by organizing “Bail out” programs for Greece which proved to be “Bail down”.
If measured by GDP, investments, unemployment, debt, demographic results and suicides rate, among the Greek population, the Greek “program” organized by the IMF, the German government and the EU has represented the biggest disaster in post-War capitalist Europe, deeper than what happened in Germany between 1929 and 1933.
But Mrs. Lagarde, Mrs. Merkel and her Finance Minister (sitting where Minister Goering was sitting during the War) and also Mr. Juncker, are so curious to see where this experiment will finally lead, they push always for new achievements of the same kind.
But, while all of them agree on the purpose, that is the destruction of the Greek population, the occupation and the looting of Greece, they differ  some times very sharply, on the best war tactics.
Now they want more “reforms”. The IMF reforms are really radical and effective. They will solve the problems of the Greek Social Security by all but abolishing it. If pensioners go more quickly to heaven, then you have to pay more pensions. This is also true for poor Greeks