Mr. Blanchard, the IMF and Berlin

Mr. Blanchard, as chief economist of the IMF, can be considered as one of the people directly responsible for the biggest social and economic catastrophe in Western Europe after the 2nd World War, due to the Greek “bail-out” (bail the banks and their profits) program.

But now, after the crime, nobody seems to have committed it. In an interview with the French newspaper Les Echos, the economist is now very critical of the policy imposed to Athens by the Creditors and especially of the completely crazy surpluses Mr. Scheuble is imposing on Athens in his effort to loot Greece and oblige it to leave the Eurozone. (

But only one year earlier, when Athens was negotiating with the Creditors, this same Monsieur was criticizing the Greek budget for not meeting the surpluses imposed to the country and was asking for new cuts in pensions. (in the context of the bail-out program, there were 13 successive reductions of pensions).

Obviously Mr. Blanchard is not guided by any “scientific” principles or ideas. As for the difference between IMF and Berlin it exists in the following sense. In Washington they want to keep under control the pace of death of Greece, not to risk any geopolitical upheavals, in Berlin they want to push it outside the Eurozone as quickly as possible. Acting as a representative of world financial oligarchy the IMF has no objection for the destruction of a European nation, but it wants to pass smoothly and gradually the same “principles” of disaster financial capitalism to all Europe.