Macron Resign! French authorities deploy 150.000 policemen and soldiers on New Year’s eve. Macron refuses the demands.

France: ‘Yellow Vests’ call protest on New Year’s Eve

Les Gilets Jaunes fêtent le nouvel an 2019 sur les Champs Élysées.

Macron terms yellow vest leaders ‘hateful mob’ in combative New Year’s address

Emmanuel Macron last night delivered a combative New Year’s address, vowing to push forward with economic reforms despite two-month long protests from what he termed a “hateful mob”.
The French President, whose televised address was broadcast form the Elysee Palace, acknowledged that “anger over injustices” lay behind the yellow vest movement that has scarred his second-year in office.
He said: “Ultraliberal and financial capitalism, too often guided by short term interests, is heading towards its demise.”
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Yellow Vests and Police Share New Year’s Hugs in Paris