Long COVID sufferer still has disease’s debilitating symptoms nearly a year after first falling ill Access to the comments

By Lauren Chadwick

Richard Roels first came down with COVID-19 last March. Nearly a year on, he’s still suffering the debilitating symptoms of the disease.

Last weekend Roels tried to go for a walk, but his legs seized up, forcing him to lie down in a car park before calling a taxi home.

“I’m told I’m not the same person,” said Roels. “I know that’s true, but it’s just a really difficult thing to come to terms with.”

Roels was speaking at a World Health Organization (WHO) press conference as the UN agency published a report on the effects of so-called Long COVID.

One-in-ten people who suffer from the disease will have symptoms that persist for longer than three months, the report said.

Debilitating symptoms include anything from lasting fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, muscle pain and shortness of breath.

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