London Bridge attack: UK’s military interventions have fuelled terrorism, says Corbyn

Britain’s repeated military interventions have “exacerbated rather than resolved” the problem of terrorism, Jeremy Corbyn will warn today.

The Labour leader will use a speech to warn that the so-called “war on terror has manifestly failed”, adding that the world is “living with the consequences” of the botched invasion of Iraq, which he opposed. He will say that Britain risks being “tied to Donald Trump’s coat-tails” and US foreign policy under Boris Johnson.

His comments come just before Johnson hosts a Nato summit this week to be attended by the US president. Responding to the London Bridge attack in a speech in York, Corbyn will praise the “extraordinary bravery” of the public in confronting the attacker. He will say that the police were right to use lethal force, with lives at stake and the attacker wearing a fake suicide vest.

However, he will also say that while responsibility for acts of terror lies with “the terrorists, their funders and recruiters”, UK leaders “have made the wrong calls on our security”.