Jeremy Corbyn draws battle lines for a future election in fiery speech

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hit out at the “born-to-rule establishment” and Boris Johnson in a fiery speech to trade unions in Brighton that laid out his election pitch to British voters.

Corbyn outlined a classic left-wing Labour pitch at the Trade Union Congress (TUC), reiterating his plan to nationalise Britain’s rail network and utility companies, give workers seats on company boards and protect tenants against exploitative landlords.

Although Corbyn and other opposition leaders denied Johnson’s motion to call an early election in a dramatic night in the House of Commons on Monday, the Labour leader’s speech was reminiscent of the party’s 2017 campaign which saw them win 30 seats and wipe out the Conservative’s majority.

Corbyn hit out “tax avoiders, bad employers [and] big polluters” and promised action on what he called a “climate crisis” that disproportionately affected Britain’s working poor.